About Us
Allermuir Capital seeks to provide low-cost, fast and unbiased investment analytics to enable knowledgeable investment decision making.

Our Solution

Allermuir Capital can deliver tailored solutions for clients. Hebrides comprehensive and detailed investment coverage allows for specific investor preferences to be structured around.
Minimize fundamental expected loss through a diversified long-only portfolio.
Growth-focused long-short portfolio.
A fully autonomous process with the benefit of quantitative financial methodologies allows for consistent and comprehensive analysis at high-speed.
Full financial projections, valuation, risk and scenario analysis available within minutes.
Utilisation of automation and artificial intelligence removes human-bias from the investment process. Ensuring that only actual historical experience is included.
The relationship between revenue and private consumption or operating expenses and producer prices.

Allermuir's Technology


Allermuir Capital's technology, Hebrides, is a state-of-the-art investment software available for both data and portfolio construction applications.

Hebrides is a full-automated system from end-to-end, including data feed aggregation, data standardisation, financial projections and comprehensive analysis.

Hebrides is built upon a proprietary artificial intelligence platform to generate, fast and unbiased financial projections of each financial statement line item.

Hebrides represents the next-generation of investment technology within the industry.

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